The artwork of surreal psychedelic artist Andrew Peterson is like nothing you have ever seen before.

unco At first glance Andrew’s work is impressive but as you move closer to examine you will find depth and emotion beyond belief. The larger images of most of his pieces are created with many unique faces that are intricately chained together. As you lose yourself in the details you will find that each tiny face has a life all it’s own. Andrew’s work is a tangled, complex labyrinth of human expression, weaved meticulously together to make a beautiful larger image. This is a viewing experience that has unforeseen depth and mystery. You may even find hints of death, love and desire.

buy Lyrica tablets uk Andrew has been chaining faces in order to make larger images for many years. Andrew’s artwork has been described as surrealism, psychedelic, dark, emotional and intriguing. Andrew is inspired by H. R. Giger, M. C køb cialis uden recept. Escher and Salvador Dali.

Andrew’s powerful, mind-twisting optical illusions are great conversation pieces for any room. If you are interested in purchasing a fine art print please visit Andrew’s Shop.